After finishing basic college I achieved master degree in economics. I continued my studies, expanding my knowledge on pedagogical study, and then computing and data processing study. My speciality is bookkeeping, in which area i got the title of expert bookkeeper and expert accountant.

My professional passion was mechanisation of accountancy, and with the development of new technologies, introducing electronic bookkeeping machines in accountancy, and later microcomputers, which are still my passions. Currently I occupy myself with designing and installing bookkeeping files programs, supervising their initiation and organising bookkeeping files on microcomputers.

And in addition to that, the crazy internet.

Another passion of mine was tourism. For many years, together with my family we walked in mainly Polish, Check, Slovakian, Romanian and Bulgarian mountains, always with tents. I didn't miss touristic sailing either, which I took part in only for my personal pleasure, and race sailing, which I took part in as 1st class refferee. Except sailing and Mountain walking I enjoy skiing.

Now when we ran out of strength, we make use, as mush as possible, of organised foreign tourism.

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