Fates of released prisoners 
from the German prison in Nowy Wiśnicz 
at night with 26 on 27 of July 1944. 

Today, when for 59 years I try to assemble some information about released, thanks of our action, prisoners of the prison in Nowy Wiśnicz, I wake up that to many from them no longer I will attain. I conquered till now, on 128 released, photoes only four, whereof I know names only two, and the address of one whose fates I described below.   This dear I address all these whom met ba this page, and are in possession of no matter which, even of the seemingly insignificant information about somebody from the family or with familiar which spent during of the occupation in the prison in Nowy Wiśnicz and became from him released, for the notification me on my e-mail address: genek_k@wp.pl    

Zbigniew Gontaszewski.
The made photo in 16 day of September 1968. during the solemnity of the exposure of the commemoratory monument the action on the prison.

       Already in October 1939. was struck up in Skarżysko-Kamienna - the underground organization "Orzeł Niały" to which joined the scouting. Zbyszek, as the boy scout in the degree "Ćwik" became staunch and received the pseudonym "Mściwój". To assignments of this group one was in obligation the research weapons derelict by our soldiers and of the military equipment , and besides the print from the radio - monitoring and the distribution of news-sheets and execution of the little sabotage. 
    At last of January 1940. followed in Skarżysko-Kamienna - mass arrests of members of the organization. One arrested seven members his families along with with the father. All became shot by Germans, similarly as other, in "Bór" near Skarżysko, where in the collective grave will have a rest about 350 persons. Zbyszka one arrested 29 of January 1940. After many research and interrogatories, 14 of February 1940 became convicted on the death penalty, and then pardoned by the governor Franck, in consideration of the young age, by the diminution of the penalty to 15 of years of the heavy prison, about what found out in 5 day of August 1940, after the transport to the prison in Radom. In 23 day of November 1940 along with 39 other prisoners transported became to the prison in Nowy Wiśnicz, where lasted, helped by "Kosa" and his family, to the liberation at night with 26 on 27 of July 1944. 
    After four mounths of the stay in the custody of "Kosa", stocked in identity card on the name Anthony Adamski, left to Skarżysko-Kamienna, where attached became to the agency AK. He was not glad long with the freedom, because 6 of December 1944 r. in the kettle in the contact - box, became, along with 13-has with other persons, again arrested but as Anthony Adamski. After interrogatories he landed up in prison in Kielce, and then in Częstochowa. A next stage was the camp in Gross-Rosen, from where transported on the commando in Nimpsch, became evacuated to Langebielau. In 8 day of May 1945 r. became liberated by the Red Army. 

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