The roundup in 29 day of October 1944 
on the ground of Murowana, -Dolna and –Górna Lipnica

In morning-hours of the day 28 of October 1944 of the year came to me from Nowy Wiśnicz, one from our woman liaison officers, Janina Daniec ps. "Mrówka" with the message that early in the morning Germany raided, drawing out from houses, especially youths, to the construction of line in Kobyle, the commune Nowy Wiśnicz. Among them seized became the woman liaison officer of the battalion Kazimiera Szafrańska ps. "Wiewiórka" and her sister. This was not her first, in preceding however it succeeded of her to escape. For caught, one prepared in Kobyle the closed camp, having a guarantee before escapes. About this fact at once I informed "Tamarow" which instructed me the trip to Kobyle in the aim of enlightening himself in the situation, to make possible the break of this camp.

The assignment I executed, getting even to the camp before the arrival of caught from the place of line, what made possible to me the uniform of the forester and the acquaintance of German. I settled even at German guards the liberation of the "Wiewiórka" in the morrow.

On the way back I entered in Wiśnicz home parents of the "Wiewiórka", to say to them about the possibility of her liberation from the camp. Because this was the already late time, I resolved to do at them to spend the night and in the morning to return to Lipnica.

In the morning I left. Apeak enough fast of being raised of the way, leading with Murowama Lipnica- to Nowy Wiśnicz, called there Lipconka, stopped me about 12 years old boy, informing that in Lipnica lasts the catching in which stopped a dozen or so persons, among other things Leon Szczerkowski ps "Lew", Zbigniew Wyrzykowski ps. "Maryśka", the Mieczysław count Ledóchowski ps. "Brzeszczot". He affirmed that they seek me and by this lasts the all action. In this situation I returned to Nowy Wiśnicz, to wait this roundup. Some time later, from the window of the house of parents of the "Wiewiórka" I saw the cavalcade of carts with Gestapo and Ukrainians with Galizien SS, and among them, transporting stopped. There were there Szymon Sufczyński ps. "Tłok", Tadeusz Wieciech ps. "Turkot", his brother Julian ps. "Skrzat", Szymon Pałka ps. "Jawor", Roman Stokłosa ps. "Bodo" and Albin Rudnik ps. "Gazda".

During catchings were arrested yet third with Wieciech of Edward ps. "Harnaś" to whom, jumping from the bridge and in spite of that to him one shot, succeeded to run away. During the attempt of the escape one shot however Józef Burdak ps. "Kruk" and Franciszek Michałek ps. "Raj". Five stopped, behind the exception of Mieczysław count Ledóchowski, Tadeusz Wieciech and Szymon Pałka, was a party to the action of the liberation of prisoners from the prison in Nowy Wiśnicz. Among stopped was nobody with Rajbrot and from Nowy Wiśnicz which also were a party to this action. Albin Rudnik, did not take immediately the participation in the action of the liberation of prisoners, but was committed in her organizing and to the preparation the room for free of charge and in keeping taken weapons and of the ammunition.

Oncoming easterly the front, crowned with the success the action in Nowy Wiśnicz, the peck of members AK and of synergistic members BCh and successful operations large-scale such as, the school of Officer Cadets, exercises in greater groups, the deterioration of creameries, the population census and stocks in communal offices , drops and the break of the prison, put to sleep in a way the vigilance of the conspiracy which on this ground became almost public. Made easy this surely to the informer making some thorough study, though quite full, the organization.

There is the also second version of the reason of this give-away, and namely the extortion, during of interrogatories, from stopped by fortune, from other reason, the inhabitant of Murowana Lipnica, partly to be well-versed in in the organization.

The third version of reasons of the give-away, as well as of the arrest in first days of July of the general of Ignacy count Ledóchowski ps. "Krak", and namely the made photo during the field - mass on the occasion of the appointment of new Officer Cadets, gives in her own biographic book " that stay our trace" the nephew of "Brzeszczot" Mieczysław count Ledóchowski.

The necessity of the change of the residence of "Tamarow" with the staff 1. of the Battalion and his making classified top secret, made impossible the inquiry of this, how arrived at disclosures to Germany of names of peopleby them later of arrested and in demand.

As it results from later leakages from the German gendarmerie in Bochnia, the second version was more probable. Germany they could not however already more draw out from arrested in Zakopane which probably broke down just before with the dismissal and became delivered to Bochnia, because there during interrogatories became murdered. However this is only the conjecture, later unconfirmed, what was already impossible in consequence of of the due mess with approaching a front and last days of the war on our ground. Germany they did not renew the already similar action, nor attempts of the conquest of the further information. Acknowledgeable, too the basic reason of arrests, actions on the prison, induces the fact that questions during of interrogatories arrested, were connected with an action on the prison, and mostly who was her commander and who in her partook. Does not exclude this however of the extortion of the information from arrested in Zakopane, and of embracing in principle only inhabitants of Murowana Lipnica - with which nearer entertained relations.

I on the recommendation of "Tamarow" became still in our ground, however not in Lipnica, not breaking the contact with "Tamarow". He instructed linking to me of the immediate contact with the neighbouring force in Myślenice.

Tragical fates of arrested became farther described on the ground of remembrances of the "Skrzat" who as only from arrested passed the hell of several Nazi camps of the extermination and after the liberation by English armies , returned home and of fragments of the biography of Mieczysław count Ledóchowski.

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